Our focus at MST is creating innovative sensing solutions and developing new technologies to suit our clients needs. Our team of experienced engineers are supported by an extensive breadth of knowledge and capabilities throughout the global Methode organization. Our “toolbox” of core competencies and technologies are highlighted below:​

Patented Technologies​

Contactless magnetoelastic torque and force sensing, eddy current position, angle and speed sensing, capacitive touch and level sensing.​

Electronics and Software Development​

Hardware and software design & development, simulation and in-house validation and testing.​

Mechanical ​

Design and simulation, FEA Analysis, Magnetic Simulations ​

System Integration​

Ability to merge several technologies into a complete and complex sub system or module ​

Prototyping & Lab Testing​

Fully equipped sensor laboratory for proof of concept, sensor calibration, design validation and testing​​

Global Manufacturing​

Supporting the seamless transition from development phase into serial production across all continents.​

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