Electronic Park Lock Actuator (EPLA)

Methode´s newly developed electronic park lock actuator (EPLA) has been designed for use in the latest automotive transmissions including EV applications. The EPLA module includes an electromechanical actuator which can be designed to operate in a linear or rotary manner. The actuation is controlled using Methode´s Eddy Current sensor technology to detect the actuators position or rotation. On board diagnostics and encryption make the EPLA extremely robust and safe to use in applications with ASIL B or ASIL C requirements.


Main Features

  • Linear or Rotary Designs
  • Operating Temperature:-30°C to 85°C
  • Max Engagement/Disengagement Force: 680N (or customized)
  • Linear Travel: Typical 20-25mm
  • Durability: Typical 300K Cycles
  • Unlock/Lock Time:<350ms
  • Sealed: IP67
  • Position Control: Methode Eddy Current Sensor (Absolute Position)
  • Operating Voltages:6.5V-18.5V
  • Communication: CAN/LIN-other possibilities are available
  • Function Safety Rating: ASIL B or ASIL C (depending on customer requirements)
  • Software: Diagnostics, System Monitoring, Encryption