Industrial Load Pins

Methode’s magnetoelastic load pin comes in various sizes to suit both  automotive and industrial applications. By locating the pin at a load transmitting joint i.e. at a bolt joint, the force acting on the pin can be used to derive localized force at one location or can be combined with more pins to calculate force vectors acting on a structure.

Some examples of industrial load pin applications are:

  • Crane arm sensing
  • Agricultural pay load sensing
  • Agricultural tow sensing
  • Agricultural Weighing/ Force sensors

Single Channel → Unidirectional Force Measurement

Biaxial Load Measurement

Additional channel allows individual measurement of Fx and Fz forces → Force magnitude and angle (single channel measures unidirectional)

Swinging / Unbalenced Load Measurement

Separate Measurement of Left & Right Shear point enables swinging / unbalanced load detection


  • Active weighing or force measurement
  • Engine/Power Control Mechanism
  • Overload Detection & System Protection
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance/ Warranty
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased mechanical & drive performance