The control of an e-Bike motor is essential in creating a responsive and smooth riding experience. In order to ensure a seamless match between rider input and motor assist, an accurate and dynamic torque measurement in necessary.

Methode’s magnetoelastic sensor technology is a perfect match for this application whereby the demands for robustness, extended lifetime conditions and the need for a contactless measurement are all met while keeping costs to a minimum. Based on our technology, our sensors are maintenance free.

Thanks to the large scale industrialization of this technology and Methode´s global production capabilities (Europe, Asia, North America), we are now the market leader for e-Bike torque sensors and draw on over 12 years of experience in the field. Our offerings include:

  • Custom and standard middle motor torque and cadence sensors
  • Custom and standard bottom bracket torque and cadence sensors
  • Freewheel cassette torque and cadence sensors for rear hub motors