Methode’s patented, magnetoelastic sensing technology forms the basis of the brake force sensor for emergency brake booster applications. The brake force sensor is designed to support the requirement for measuring the pressure applied by the driver to the brake pedal. This is an important feedback criteria for advanced emergency braking systems. With the potential advent of electro-mechanical braking, the sensor can also be employed for closed loop feedback to the brake control module. Electronic actuation would facilitate easier integration of kinetic recovery systems, as well as reduce C02 emission by eliminating the weight of the hydraulic circuit, resulting in enhanced braking assist functionality.

Key Specifications Brake Force Sensor

Measurement Range (customer specific)NTyp. 0 to +2000
Accuracy% FS (RMS) ± 2
Signal Hysteresis% FS ± 1.0
Measurement Resolution% FS± 0.05
Overload capacityNTyp. 10000
Measurement Repeatability% FS± 0.1
Signal BandwidthkHz1 analogue (>5kS/s)
Temperature Range°C -40 – +125
RecalibrationN/ANot required