Methode is a key player in supplying the LEV and Pedelec markets with intelligent and highly integrated sensor solutions for measuring human-machine interfaces.

We offer off-the-shelf sensors for low to mid volume e-Bikes motor manufacturers with our standard:

  • Mid Motor Torque Sensor (MMTS),
  • Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor (BBTS), and
  • Free Wheel Torque Sensor (FWTS)

In higher volumes applications, our sensors can be tailored, from a modular architecture, to meet your application requirements. Our e-Bike sensors are designed for a high-level of automation including the assembly of the sensor within the e-bike drive system itself with minimal changes, which keeps the overall system cost low. At the same time, Methode’s sensors are field proven with several millions in the field for over 12 years, and meet the safety and robustness requirements for Industrial equipment and Pedelec’s e.g. ISO26262, EN 15194 and ISO13849.