Fluid Level Sensors

Methode’s Fluid Sensor is designed to detect presence and levels of fluids. It has endless application possibilities for various industries including the White Goods Industry, Marine Industry, Medical Industry and the Heavy Industry.


Aqueous Solutions Preferred (Water Based)
Fluids with Dielectric Constants greater than 40


Sensor based on Field Effect™ technology
Senses through glass, plastic or any non-conductive type reservoirs
Able to sense through 10mm walls
Available in multiple array sizes
Easy to install
Available on both ‘low’ and ‘high’ Level
Field Proven (over 5 million units)
Cost effective


No moving parts
Reliable detection
Quiescent current of 16 μA
Highly immune to noise
Immune to temperature changes
Several Configurations
Sensor can be coated, and submerged



LevelGuard® Electronic Sump Pump Switch from TouchSensor introduces Field-Effect sensing technology to reliably detec the presence of aqueous liquids without direct contact or the use of any moving parts. LevelGuard® offers solid-state control for residential pump and plumbing applications.

Electro-mechanical float or mercury-tilt switched have proven to be the weakest link in fluid management systems. LevelGuard eliminated the failure modes associated with these competing products, making it the preferred non-sewage pump control for home sump pump, irrigation, underwater vault, wet-well or storm water installations​.

High-Performance Pump Switch Technology​

  • Solid-state electronic design for non-sewage applications
  • Redundant upper limit sensors for “fail-safe” reliability
  • Outlasts competitive float switches 7 to 1
  • Highly resistant to contaminant and mineral build-up
  • Quick installation / Reduced maintenance 
  • Five (5) year warranty