In the past, the market for torque sensors was limited to laboratory applications where strain gauge-based solutions were implemented. The high costs of strain gauge sensors and their limited performance in real life conditions are the main reasons why measurements, essential for engine control and regulation, have been replaced by complex mathematical models used for estimating torque. Methode’s industrialized magnetoelastic torque sensors have overcome these downfalls, and thus new applications have emerged. The flex plate torque sensor allows for direct and real-time torque measurement at the engine output shaft. Measuring on the plate allows for an extremely compact sensor. Benefits of a flex plate sensor include:

  • Engine & Transmission Control
  • Engine Kock & Misfire Detection
  • Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance
  • Individual Engine Optimization (CO²)
  • Improved Efficiency and Range

Flexplate Torque Sensor for Transmission Applications