Agricultural Torque Sensors

Methode’s magnetoelastic torque sensors are the ideal solution for agricultural applications thanks to their robustness and the ability to measure torque on extremely large shafts. Methode has the know how and ability to design our sensors for rugged environments where large mechanical shocks and vibrations are present. Sensors can also be built into fully sealed enclosures able to survive up to IPX7 environments.

Agricultural Applications Include:

  • Tractor Power Take-off Torque
  • Tractor Gearbox & Transmission Torque
  • Fertilizer Spreader Torque
  • Rotary Harrows
  • Baler
  • Cutting & Harvesting Machines

Our sensors allow for closed loop control between a tractor and trailer, enabling a smooth and constant driving experience and improved traction through varying loads and terrain, improved accuracy in fertilizer spreading, whereby the sensor is used to ensure an even and constant spreading of the fertilizer. In all applications the systems will profit from enhanced performance, economics and efficiency while additional benefits include predictive maintenance and overload protection.